Ahmet Haşim’in Nesirlerinde Modernleşen Kadın İmgesi Üzerine Bazı Dikkatler


In this article, the perspective of Ahmet Haşim, one of the important poets of Turkish literature, on 20th century modern life and women is discussed. Although Ahmet Haşim is known for his poems, his prose is also extremely important for our literature. It has been expressed by many writers and poets that Hashim's prose is appreciated and loved. The innovations brought by modern life, social life, the change in the place of women in our lives have taken their places in various works. Haşim could not remain indifferent to this current issue of the period and expressed his ideas with his prose. With this study, it will be examined what Ahmet Haşim thinks about modern life and the perception of women in his prose.

Ahmet Haşim, Modern Life, Women