Günümüz Âşıklarının Diliyle Millî Mücadele Ruhu


Minstrelsy tradition has had an important place in the history of Turkish culture and literature. It turned into a poet with Islam, which is based on shamanism with its various functions, and it is a cultural heritage that continues in the 16th century by taking the name of minstrelsy. The minstrels, who are a part of the tradition, express their feelings and thoughts by combining saz and words. When minstrels express their feelings and thoughts, they also reflect the social, political, and socio-cultural characteristics as well as their individual feelings at that time. Thus, minstrels become a mirror of society and gain a dynamic functionality that directs society with their thoughts. This situation strengthens the cultural memory of a nation and makes an important contribution to the formation of national consciousness. The cultural memory of the nation is created by Telling the common events experienced as a nation in the language of the minstrels. It ensures that the cultural memory remains alive and that national value is passed on to future generations as a legacy. Indeed, the period of the National Struggle is one of the important events that the Turkish nation experienced in a long historical process and can be described as a turning point. The struggle for independence, which started against these foreing powers between 1919 and 1922 and continued on many fronts, took its place in the pages of history with the victory that resulted in the consciousness of a national cause politically and militarily. The success of the national struggle spirit with perseverance, strategy, and faith has been the rebirth of the Turkish nation in Anatolian geography. This victory is experienced by retelling in the languages of many minstrels in the tradition. It is also ensured that the Turkish nation is conscious of its national values. The feelings and thoughts expressed by the minstrels in their poems about the national struggle are the main source of this study; Determining and examining these poems constitutes the method of the study. In short, this study deals with how the national struggle is conveyed in the feelings and thoughts of the minstrels, and it has been determined how the national consciousness is created in the cultural memory.

National Struggle, Minstrelsy Tradition, Turkish Culture and Literature, Naitonal Consciousness.